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Cath McIntyre

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Mum to three active young men, Cath has been writing about home offices and technology for over 15 years and provided many home office owners with ideas and design solutions. She has worked from home in a variety of capacities since even before the Internet existed and her only piece of technology was an electronic typewriter. She stills owns the first home office desk that she purchased back in the '80s.


In her off-line job, she is a Furniture Consultant and can jump into the technology area which allows her to work with customers on creating their complete home and small offices - beginning with the design to the furnishings and technology requirements.

Cath has been working with individuals and businesses with their technology and office designs since 1998 and has designed a variety of home offices with my consulting business.


She is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree Interior Design with a focus on Home Office Design.

By Cath McIntyre:

Helping people create their ideal home office and finding the perfect solution for them whether in person or through the Internet, is a great pleasure. I look forward to providing the best resources for home office owners and guiding them through the process of design to completed home office. I hope that we can inspire each other by sharing our thoughts on home office designs and see what great home offices we can create.


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