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Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories

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Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories

Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories

Cath Roseberry

The Bottom Line

While most people will think that the Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ desk accessories are strictly for the ladies (that is the target audience), they can be used by men. The brown color can be very masculine and even with a few pieces in white to lighten the look it won't look too feminine. The most positive aspect of the Stack+Fit™ Organization system is that you can build what you need, add on when needed and everything is co-ordinated and created to work together. They also work well with any desk style and can be adapted to fit any space.

Another factor and probably one of the most important reasons I also like this organization system is that it is reasonably priced with prices beginning at $8.99(US) for the smaller organizers. There are other less suitable organization systems available that do cost more and have less functionality and just aren't as customizable as the Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Organization system.


  • Economical
  • Easy to customize
  • Use as many or as few as pieces as you need.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Only available from one retailer.
  • Only three colors available.


  • Drawers and Trays

    The drawers and trays are probably the most useful pieces and I can foresee adding more of these to my current arrangement. Each of the pieces has been made to fit nicely with the other and you don’t have to fuss with screws, tape or glue. They are sturdily made and even when my curious cat decided to take a swipe at the new arrangement on my desk – nothing moved. They are easy to keep clean and can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The drawers measure 12-1/2" W x 10" D x 4-1/4" H and the trays measure 12-1/2" W x 10" D x 2-2/3" H. The trays can be stacked and used to hold a drawer, left empty or used with any of the other accessory pieces.
  • Organizers and Accessories

    You’ll be hard pressed to not be organized with the options these organizers and accessories provide. There are pencil cups, magazine holders, boxes with lids and the best part is they can all be stacked together or used individually. The organizers can be stacked on top of the trays or even used inside a drawer to keep smaller items tidy but still accessible.
  • Boxes

    Along with the other pieces that are available are lidded boxes that co-ordinate with everything else and look so nice that you don’t mind having them out on your workspace – provided you have the room. If like me you do want things to co-ordinate and like to have those less often used items stored neatly; , this is a great solution.
  • Colors & Patterns

    The Stack+Fit™ Organization are available in brown, white and blue, but I do hope that more colors become available. I went with mostly brown and a bit of white and blue for accents. The colors that are currently available do work with any other décor you may have and provide a cohesive look to your workspace. The texture to each of the pieces is what is called shagreen which is normally used to refer to a rough leather texture or a sharkskin finish.

Guide Review - Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories

It is important to keep your home office organized and while for many of this may be a challenge, there are steps we can take to keep ourselves and our home office organized.

Keeping a desk tidy is one of my biggest weaknesses. I tend to let things get piled up and chaos quickly ensues. Finding a desk organization system that works and I mean really works has been a goal since I've had a home office and until recently I was not successful. I tried building my own systems and combining products but they didn't work. When I first heard that Martha Stewart was joining with Avery to create home office products and organization products I was skeptical. Then I got to see the products and how they can be arranged and how well they work together and today I have the Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories on my desk - and of course want more.

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