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Home Office Design

Creating an inspirational and functional home office is possible when you have the right tools. Learn more about how to create your ideal home office with samples of home office designs and tips on how to decorate your home office.

10 Things to Ask Before Designing a Home Office
If you are planning to create your own home office, there are some important factors that you need to consider before you even begin to design your home office. Learn what these factors are and learn how you can create your ideal home office.

Home Office Idea Books
Creating your own home office can be a challenge, but with this selection of books you will have the opportunity to view a wide variety of home offices and maybe even find your ideal home office design.

Evolution of My Home Office
Over the past 20 years my home office has changed lcoations and layouts. I have changed how my home office is arranged and updated not only the electronics but furnishings along the way.

Sample Home Office Layouts

Can Color Really Influence How Well We Work?
Can the right color of paint affect how well you work in your home office? Does the color really have that much impact? Learn more about picking the right colors for your home office so that you can be productive and comfortable.

Online Design Tools for Your Home Office
Learn ways to create designs for your own home office online. These tools provide you with a great way to test ideas without costing a fortune. You can play with layouts and see what will really work for your dream home office.

Creating a Shared Home Office
Creating a shared home office space involves some thinking outside the box. You want a work space that works for you and will work well for another person. What factors do you need to consider when setting up your home office for more than one user?

Home Office Desktop Organizers
A selection of desktop organizers to help you keep your home office desk better organized. We all work much better when we have our supplies and tools kept organized. If you are seeking a better way to organize your home office desk; these may be ideal solutions to tame your desktop clutter.

Creating a Home Office in a Small Space
We may not always have a large room for our home office so here are some ideas that you can incorporate for small spaces for your home office.

Show Us Your Home Office
A gallery of reader's home offices. View how others work from their home offices and gain inspiration from their home offices.

DYI Home Office Furniture Finishes
DYI Finishes for Secondhand or Old Home Office Furniture

Lighting Your Home Office
Learn more about the different types of lighting that you have available for your home office so that you can work better.

Create a Functional and Organized Workspace
Here are a variety of home office design ideas that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration to designing your own home office. You may find that elements from different home office samples will work in your own space while others will just get you thinking about your home office in new ways.

Using a Corner Layout
A corner layout works well with square rooms or when you are using part of another room. One of the important points to keep in mind with a corner layout is the position of any windows.

A Long and Narrow Home Office
This long and narrow layout works well for use in long hallways or closets that aren't being used.

An Office for Two
This is probably my favourite layout. It provides a great deal of workspace. You can use hutches on different sections for additional storage. It can be used in small or large rooms.

Using a T-shape for Sharing
This layout is similar to the Basic layout but has more workspace and can be used by more than one person.

What's Your Style?
Selecting the design style for your home office combines using what makes you feel comfortable, productive and happy with elements that won't break your budget. Learn about a variety of home office design styles that may work in your home office.

Steampunk - Old is New Again
Steampunk is growing as a design style and it's an interesting way to decorate your home office.

An Air of Elegance
If you like the feeling of warmth and luxury for your home office, then consider designing it in the Victorian style. It will certainly be a cozy place to work.

Creating a Clean Look
Creating a minimalist styled home office can help you become more focused and productive.

Creating an Eclectic Home Office
If you want to know more about eclectic design style and how you can incorporate it into your home office then here are tips and resources to help you create an eclectic home office.

Using the Asian Design Style for Your Home Office
A calm and peaceful work space is welcome for anyone with a home office. Using the design concept that is Asian inspired will help you focus and be more productive, as well as enjoy the time you spend in your home office.

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