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Home Office Ergonomics and Workplace Health

Long hours and pressing deadlines can create real problems for home office workers, who are often left to their own devices when it comes to their personal health. Find out how to recognize and address symptoms of repetitive stress, and learn about techniques, practices and products that can make for a healthier -- and more productive -- home office.

How healthy is your home office?
Review your home office to ensure that you have created an ergonomic and productive work space.

Lighting Your Home Office
Learn more about the different types of lighting that you have available for your home office so that you can work better.

Ergonomics for Your Laptop
If you use a laptop in your home office, then using a laptop stand is a wise idea. It creates a more ergonomic way to use your laptop and provides you with the ability to work in comfort anywhere you like.

Adjustable Keyboard Trays
Creating an ergonomic workstation in your home office is possible with the use of an adjustable keyboard tray. It will provide you with a better and more comfortable way of working and your body will thank you in the long run.

Five Questions: GeekDesk Founder Donovan McNutt on Standing Desks
More and more home office workers are adopting standing desks as a way to reduce repetitive strain and improve productivity. A leading provider of convertible standing desks offers his insight.

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