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Home Office Furniture

Your home office can be functional and stylish with the right home office furniture in place. Learn more about how to buy the right home office desk and chair for your home office along with other home office necessities to keep you productive.
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Buy: a Home Office Chair
Buying your home office chair may seem challenging but here are some features to look for when you start your quest for your ideal home office chair. Do remember that what makes a home office chair great for one person doesn't mean that same chair will be great for you. Take your time, enjoy the time out of your office and be happy with your...

Selecting a Home Office Chair Style
Finding the right chair for your home office begins with knowing what style of home office chair you need. Learn more about the styles of home office chairs that are available.

Why Arms are Important for Home Office Chairs
You may not realize how important the arms can be on your home office chair and why find the right style of arms can be beneficial to you.

Understanding Upholstery for Home Office Chairs
When you are looking at different home office chairs, you'll notice that they have various types of upholstery. Learn more about the different types of upholstery and why they are different.

Common Problems with Home Office Chairs
When you run into a problem with your home office chair there may be an affordable solution other than replacing the chair. Know what the problem is and then find the right solution to correcting the issue. You may not have to give up the home office chair you love.

Building Your Home Office Chair
When you purchase your home office chair, it will come in a box and the assembly may seem intimidating. Follow these steps and soon enough you'll be sitting pretty in your new home offic chair.

How Do I Clean Gum From My Leather Home Office Chair?
Proper maintenance is important even for our home office chairs. Even with the best cleaning we come across something that is a challenge so find out how to clean gum from your leather home office chair.

Thinking Outside the Box for a Home Office Desk
Your choices for a home office desk don't have to be limited to the traditional style of desk, there are other alternative options which may work better in your home office. Review some of the different options available for home office desks.

Kneeling Chairs
An overview of available kneeling chairs to help improve the ergonomics of your home office.

Chair Mats for Home Office Carpets
A chair mat on a carpeted floor not only provides protection for your carpet but allows you to move more easily around your home office.

Get Out of Your Chair More Often
A standing desk provides an interesting alternative for a tradition styled desk. You can also use a standing desk in combination with a traditional desk for increasing your movement and to prevent you from sitting for too long in one position.

Buy: A Home Office Desk
Let's look at some of the factors you need to consider before you buy a home office desk. It's important to know what features to look for and what features you won't budge from to find your ideal home office desk.

A Better View of Your Work
Task Lighting for Your Home Office

Additional Seating for Your Home Office
Having extra seating available for your home office is a nice way to make guests feel more welcome. There are a variety of styles to match your home office decor or match the style of your home office.

Considering Home Office Desk Styles
There are a wide variety of home office desk styles on the market today and here is a run-down on some of the most popular styles of home office desks available. See what each style has to offer and why some may not be the best solution for your home office.

Design and Create Your Own Home Office Desk
Get inspiration from these examples of DIY to create your own home office desk.

Desks Under $150 for Your Home Office
Here is a selection of home office desks that are under $150. These home office desks provide functionality and work well in smaller spaces.

Adjustable Keyboard Trays
Creating an ergonomic workstation in your home office is possible with the use of an adjustable keyboard tray. It will provide you with a better and more comfortable way of working and your body will thank you in the long run.

L-Shaped Desks for Home Offices
A selection of some of my favorite L-shaped desks for home offices.

Getting a Different View on Your Work
Using a recessed monitor desk can help ease neck pain and potentially reduce the risk of strain to your neck and back. Get a new perspective on how this alternative style of desk may help you.

Height Adjustable Desks
Height Adjustable Desks

Corner Desks for Home Offices
I really like corner desks and find there enough different variations on this style that it can be difficult to select just one. If a corner desk style is what will work best in your home office, here are a selection for you to review and consider.

Become More Mobile in Your Home Office
A laptop stand can be very useful as it allows you more freedom in your home office and even within your home. Maybe it's time to sit in a more comfortable chair and be a part of things while you work.

Protecting the Investment in Your Home Office

Drafting Tables
Drafting Tables

Five Questions: GeekDesk Founder Donovan McNutt on Standing Desks
More and more home office workers are adopting standing desks as a way to reduce repetitive strain and improve productivity. A leading provider of convertible standing desks offers his insight.

Bookcases for Your Your Home Office
Bookcases for storage and organization for your home office. Bookcases can be used not only for storing books but also other office necessities.

Chair Mats for Home Office Hardwood Floors
If you have a hardwood floor in your home office then you want to do everything that you can do to protect that flooring from damage. A hardwood chair mat will also provide you with a better surface for moving around your home office.

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