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Before You Buy: a Home Office Chair


You will be spending a fair bit of time in your home office chair and that makes it important to learn more about what you will be purchasing and how it can affect not just how well you can complete your work in your home office but your overall health.


This is probably becoming a familiar theme to you by now as we have been looking at purchasing our furnishings and equipment for our home offices. Budgets are very important for each purchase as it helps us narrow choices and make wiser selections. While we may all dream of a completely customized home office chair that has been designed especially for us, our budgets have to be realistic to recognize that a ready-made chair will work just as well.

What Style?

Determining the style of home office chair begins with understanding the type of work that you will be doing and how much time you will be sitting in your home office chair. Be open to trying different styles, how each design is different and what features you must have as opposed to those you would like. Some features that may seem very appealing in one style may actually not provide any benefits in the long run for your comfort and work style.

Chair Construction

Your home office chair is comprised of different components made from different materials. The exterior construction of a home office chair may made of fabric, mesh, leather or a combination of these.

How each will withstand constant use, ease of maintenance and how comfortable each may be are important to determine. There is no right or wrong answer here, it is strictly personal preference.

The arms and base of the chair may be constructed of wood, metal or plastic. The durability and strength are what is important for these components of your home office chair.

Ergonomic Features

Ergonomics has become a big buzzword in the home office furnishings business. You may see a variety of chairs that boast “ergonomic features”.

A home office chair that is ergonomic will enable you to sit comfortably and not feel discomfort when you aren’t in the chair. Some of the basic ergonomic features to look for include how adjustable the back of the home office chair is, can the arm rests move beyond just up and down? Many home office chairs now have features which are ergonomic but don’t state that specifically so it may not be so obvious at first glance.

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