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Before You Buy: A Home Office Desk


The desk in your home office is another important piece of creating your ideal workspace. Not only is it where your computer and other electronic devices will be situated, but it is space for you to work and keep organized. It is far easier to work successfully in your home office when you start with the right desk.

Each of us have different work needs and styles of work, but there are common factors to consider before purchasing a home office desk. Starting with a base budget and using the other considerations will help fine tune your budget so that you can make the right decision for your home office desk.


This is a key factor and you need to think about how much you want to spend. You may have some ideas of what style of home office desk you’d like so that is a good place to begin. Decide if you are going to buy a new home office desk or a used desk. Do you want one that has been designed for home office use or a desk designed for commercial (corporate office) use. Those two decisions will help you set your budget and provide a starting point to set a base budget.

You should also consider in your budget if you will be purchasing a pre-made home office desk or building your own custom desk for your home office.

Available Space

The amount of available space for your home office will help you determine the style and size of desk that you can use in your home office. There are so many more styles of desks which are suitable for a home office that it can seem overwhelming to pick only one. Limit your selections to only those that will fit within your available space. Measure your space carefully and take note of where electrical and phone outlets are located.

Construction of the Desk

It is important to understand that desks which can be used in home office fall into two categories of construction styles. These two categories are home use desks and commercial grade. Home use office desks are designed and made for home use and are more economical for home offices because they are made with less expensive materials and processes. Commercial grade desks are constructed of more expensive materials and use more expensive processes.

The materials the desks are made from is important to consider as well. Do you want wood or metal? Each has different advantages and disadvantages.

Desk Styles

There are no longer just the straight bureau style desk with a file drawer and utility drawer. They are still available of course, but their design does lack true style and they are pretty generic and flavourless for a home office.

When looking at the available home office desk styles you will need to consider how much electronic equipment you will need to have on or around your home office desk, how much storage the desk style provides and most importantly the actual work space. Some styles of home office desks do not seem to be designed with an eye to actually working at the desk.

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