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Considering Home Office Desk Styles

The style of your home office desk can affect how well you work.


You may have a particular desk style already in mind or you may want to view a variety of home office desks. We're going to take a closer look at the available styles of home office desks and learn more about each so that you can make the best decision and find the home office desk that will work best for you. Make sure to measure your space and diagram outlets before you begin shopping. Don't forget to take measuring tape so you can be sure you have correct measurements.

Student Desk

Photo © Southshore
Photo © Southshore

This style of home office desk is the most basic of all desks. The main function of a student desk is to provide a work surface. They are normally rectangular in shape and vary from 36 to 48 inches in length. If you have minimal computer equipment such as just a laptop; then a student style desk in your home office may work for you.

Some important points to consider when looking at the student desk for your home office is how sturdily constructed the desk is and what storage it includes. Keeping in mind the target consumer for this style are students with smaller budgets. This style of desk will not be able to support a lot of weight so if you have a desktop computer and printer that may tax the strength of the desk.

Computer Carts

Photo © Mayline
Photo © Mayline

Computer carts are becoming more popular and can provide you with a mobile solution for your desk needs. If you are in a shared space situation and don't want your work space visible at all times, this may be your solution for your home office.

Factors to consider when looking at computer carts include the amount of storage, how easily it can be moved once you have your computer on the desk and does it provide enough flat work surface?

Computer carts are targeted for those living in smaller or shared spaces and many will work well for a laptop but not so well for a desktop computer.

Corner Desks

Bush Vantage Corner Desk
Photo © Bush

Corner home office desks are another space saving option and there are styles which provide plenty of storage in addition to a nice work surface. The feature to watch for with a corner desk is to check to see if the corner portion will truly fit into a corner or does it have a rounded edge?

A rounded edge corner home office desk won't fit snugly into a corner and you will end up with wasted space as well as possibly having less room for other furnishings.

Shaped Desks

L-Shaped Desk
Photo © Bush

The two most popular shaped desks are the L-shape and U-shaped desks. These styles of desks work well in home offices because they take advantage of using corner spaces effectively. Many desks in these styles will also include hutches which provides you with additional storage space and does not require as much floor space that cabinets or bookcases would use.

When considering this style of desk, measure your space carefully as you want to be certain that you have enough floor space and vertical space. You don't want to purchase this style of desk for your home office only to discover that it will block a window.

Computer Armoires

Photo © Sauder

If you are really tight for space or sharing space, a computer armoire provides a clean and organized solution. When you are done work for the day you can tidy up your papers then close the door to everything.

Features to look for in a computer armoire for your home office should include good and accessible storage, you don't want to have to stand up each time you need some paper or a pen, you also want to look at armoires that have locks. It's a good idea to keep your work locked up especially if you are sharing your space in a bedroom or a dining room.

Executive Desks

Sauder Executive Desk
Photo © Sauder

Traditionally, executive desks styles provided a large work surface and some storage space. The storage space normally consists of one or perhaps two drawer pedestals that provide a drawer for supplies and one for files. This style of desk may not work as well for computer equipment if you are using a desk top computer because of the overall size. They range in length from 48 to 72 inches.

While this desk style may be your ideal, keep in mind the overall size and how well it will work in your available space. Having the desk overwhelm the space and not leaving enough room for storage or a way to set-up your computer equipment in a functional manner creates a very ineffective work area for your home office.


Zeta Desk Collection
Photo © Global www.globaltotaloffice.com

This style of desk can best be explained by keeping in mind that you are purchasing individual components that put together will create your desk. There are a wide variety available and if you truly want a customized work space for your home office, this may be your solution. Collections are at the higher price point and made for commercial use.

When creating your home office work space with a collection it is important to know exactly how much space you have available, how much equipment you will need and what storage solutions you want to have available.

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