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Home Office Software, Applications and Web Resources

In the digital world, software makes the world go 'round. From Web browsers and office productivity suites to the best free and open source software, learn about the best applications and software for your home office challenges. Read hands-on reviews, check out useful tips and troubleshooting advice, and learn about new tools that can streamline your day-to-day work.

Essential Software Programs for Your Home Office
Learn about the variety of software programs you may have to consider purchasing when you work from your home office. You may not need all these programs but you will need some and you must know what you are looking for and why you need that software.

Working with Multiple Devices to Get the Job Done
Learn more about a variety of programs that enable you to use your different devices to stay productive throughout your day and allow you to access your documents from any device. Whether you use a laptop and an iPod Touch or have a tablet; you can work smarter and spend less time syncing files across your devices.

Better Living Through Portable Apps
Portable applications offer flexibility and big cost savings over commercial software.

How to Create a Windows 7 Screen Resolution Shortcut
Create a Windows 7 shortcut for your Taskbar that lets you access the Control Panel's Screen Resolution window with a single click.

Get Your Smart Phone Working for You
Using your smart phone can help you get things accomplished from a variety of locations. Learn more about smart phone apps that will help you work better in your home office.

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