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Work at Home Issues, Advice, Tips and Challenges

Working from your home office and keeping your work and family life in balance can be a challenge. There are issues that arise for those of us who work from our home office that may seem puzzling and can be difficult to understand for those who don't work from their home office. Learn how you can keep the balance between work and family life.

How well are you managing your time?
Do you end the day wishing for more hours? If this describe you, there are ways to get more from your day without having to need more hours. Time management is a very important skill for anyone.

Stay Focused on Work
Working from home means you may find yourself drawn to other tasks which can interfere with your work.

Starting the New Year Right
Preparing and planning for the New Year includes looking back at the past year to see where changes could be made and how to improve productivity while still maintaining work/life balance.

Make Sure Your Home Office is Safe for Your Pet
Getting a new pet and allowing it access to your home office may require you to re-organize your way of working in order to make sure your pet and you can be safe in your home office.

Clients and Co-Workers in Your Home Office
When you make the decision to have guests such as clients or co-workers into your home office, you not only are allowing them into your work space but your home. You need to have your home office and the rest of your home prepared for these visitors and ensure that everything is safe and your visitors are protected as well as protecting the...

Losing Power or Internet Can Slow You down
When you aren't able to work due to power outages or interruptions in Internet service, then you must know what options are available to get back to work.

Plan for Emergencies in Advance
Planning for emergencies in advance makes sense especially for home office workers, You need to ensure that you have protected your data and equipment. The data may not be recoverable and your equipment is expensive to replace. You should also know how you will continue to work in case of an emergency. What are your plans?

Pests in Your Home Office
Keeping pests out of your home office can be easy if you are vigilant from the start. If you happen to have an invasion of pests despite your best efforts - there are ways to clean up and rid yourself of these pests in your home office.

Remote Work Myths
Working from your home office can be wonderful but many people have some rather fanciful ideas of what working from home may be. Learn more about the myths and realities of working from your home office and be prepared to avoid the myths.

Work at Home Distractions
A home office may seem the ideal place to work as you don't have to deal with chatty co-workers or a long commute to work but there are distractions that can interfere with your work day and make it possible that your home office becomes the last place you can actually work. Learn how to avoid common distractions and ensure you can work in your home office.

Support of Your Family Leads to Success
When you have the full support and understanding of your family, it is much easier to work in your home office. Letting everyone know what is expected and what the rules are from the beginning will help prevent problems down the road.

5 Habits of the Successful Home Office
Working from a home office is fraught with risk. Improve your health and productivity with these 5 simple tips addressing the most common home office challenges.

Managing Pets in the Home Office
Studies have shown that pets offer proven health benefits, including helping reduce symptoms of stress. Here are some things to consider if you want to open your home office to a pet.

Make Your Home Office Safe for Children
How safe is your home office? If you have a separate room for your home office and can close a door (even lock it) when you are not working that is ideal. It makes ensuring the safety of your children easier. For many of us though, we don't have a separate room for our home offices.

Living a Healthier Way
You can improve your health and ensure that you stay fit even when you work from your home office. It means taking charge and taking time away from your desk but the results are worth it.

Monitoring Home-Based Workers
It may be possible if you work for an outside company and use company assets in your home office that you could be monitored. Your computer usage and phone usage may be tracked.

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