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Home Office: Taxes and Insurance

Working from your home office creates new tax and insurance situations. Learn what you can claim for your home office and how to protect your home office with the right insurance coverage.

US Home Office Tax Deductions
Claiming your home office in the United States requires that you know the rules and what you are entitled to claim.

Home Office Tax Deductions for Canadians
If you are Canadian and claiming a home office on your taxes, you need to know what you are allowed to claim and how much you can claim.

Home Office Tax Deductions in Australia
Be prepared to legally claim your home office on your taxes. Know what is allowed and isn't allowed before you file.

Home Office Tax Deductions for Residents of the UK
Learn how you can legally claim deductions for your home office if you reside in the UK.

Protecting Your Computer
From Bobbie Sage, Your About.com Guide to Personal Insurance. Find out if you have enough insurance to cover your computer before you run into problems.

Inventory Your Home Office Equipment
Keeping an up-to-date inventory of your home office equipment and furnishings can come in useful if you need to make an insurance claim and to keep track of what you have when you are completing your taxes. Take the time to prepare your inventory list and be sure to update when you get new home office equipment or furniture.

Declaration of Conditions of Employment
Available in .pdf format to view or complete. This form is required by all Canadian employees who telecommute. This enables employee telecommuters to claim home office deductions.

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