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How to Successfully Work with Others

Learn tips and techniques for using collaboration and conferencing programs to stay in touch with co-workers and clients. Make working from your home office a success by knowing the best methods for sharing work.

Features and Formalities of Collaboration Tools
Ann Augustine, our About.com Guide to Collaboration Tools helps us gain a better understanding of the basics of collaboration tools and what factors we should be aware of.

File Sharing 101
Whether you need to share files with computers within your own home office or with co-workers across the country, you'll find several methods from Bradley Mitchell, Your About.com Guide to Wireless/Networking that will help you get the job done.

Culture, Technology, and Process Will Shape Our Collaborative Work
Anne Augustine, our About.com Guide to Collaboration sheds some light on why it's necessary to have and use collaboration tools. She has some great details that explain how important collaboration tools are and how to use them. Working from your home office will be a lot easier when you understand why you should use collaboration tools.

24im PC and Web-Based IM Client Perfect for Business
Learn more about this instant messaging program that can help you stay in contact with co-workers from your home office by Brandon De Hoyos, our About.com Guide to Instant Messaging.

Web Conferencing Services that Let You Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere
Alyssa Gregory, our About.com Guide to Small Business Information provides us with 30 different options for staying in touch and having the ability to work with others from our home offices.

Everything You Need to Know About Webcams
Lisa Johnston, Your About.com Guide to Computer Peripherals provides you with the know-how on finding the correct web camera for your needs.

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