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Buying a Home Office Laptop? 5 Top Picks
Review this selection of the best laptops for home offices and see which will suit your needs. Look for features that will let you accomplish your tasks.
The Top 5 Computers for the Home Office
Not every home office needs the same PC. Here are five PCs, from travel-friendly notebooks to powerful desktop workstations, for every need.
Buying a New Laptop? Read This First
Buying a new laptop can be a difficult and expensive decision. Here is the information you need to make sure you get the right hardware for your home office.
Design Your Dream Home Office with These 5 Tools
These online tools provide you with a way to test ideas without costing a fortune. You can play with layouts and see what will work for your home office.
Arms on Home Office Chairs: Why Are They So...
You may not realize how important the arms can be on your home office chair and why find the right style of arms can be beneficial to you.
5 steps to decluttering your office
Here's how to declutter your office in five simple steps.
Best Desktop Computers for Home Offices
Selecting a desktop computer for your home office provides many options for your to consider. Review this list of desktop computers to see which model may suit your needs best.
Common Problems with Home Office Chairs
When you run into a problem with your home office chair there may be an affordable solution other than replacing the chair and giving up the one you love.
Design and Build a Home Office Desk: 6...
Get inspiration from these examples of DIY to create your own home office desk.
Safety and Security for Home Office Documents
A variety of 4 drawer vertical file cabinets to consider for your home office.
Cluttered Cable Wires? 5 Ways to Keep Them...
Disorganized piles of power, data and phones cables can becomes a visual blight in your home office. Here are five simple tips for getting your cables under control.
Creating a Home Office in a Small Space
We may not always have a large room for our home office so here are some ideas that you can incorporate for small spaces for your home office.
Sample Home Office Layouts
Some sample home office layouts to help you create your own dream home office. Not all spaces are square and you may have to share your home office with another room. Use these examples of home office layouts to spark your creativity.
Before You Buy: Home Office Computers
What factors do you need to know before you buy a home office computer? Find out what specifications you should consider before purchasing.
Selecting a Home Office Chair Style
Finding the right chair for your home office begins with knowing what style of home office chair you need. Learn more about the styles of home office chairs that are available.
7 Home Office Desk Styles: Which Is Right for...
When you begin to look at home office desks you'll find that their styles vary and the functionality each style offers will vary as well. Learn more about the different styles of home office desks so that you can select the best home office desk suited to your needs.
Chair Mats for Home Office Hardwood Floors
If you have a hardwood floor in your home office then you want to do everything that you can do to protect that flooring from damage. A hardwood chair mat will also provide you with a better surface for moving around your home office.
How to pick the best desk for your office needs
When we're office furniture shopping, we have to consider our actual needs when it comes to picking out furniture. Desks are not one-size-fits-all, and trying to guess which one has everything we need is a feat in and of itself.
How to Create a Windows 7 Screen Resolution...
Create a Windows 7 shortcut for your Taskbar that lets you access the Control Panel's Screen Resolution window with a single click.
Thinking Outside the Box for a Home Office Desk
Your choices for a home office desk don't have to be limited to the traditional style of desk, there are other alternative options which may work better in your home office. Review some of the different options available for home office desks.
Getting Your Home Office Organized
Factors to consider when going to purchase a file cabinet for your home office.
Essential Software Programs for Your Home Office
Learn about the variety of software programs you may have to consider purchasing when you work from your home office. You may not need all these programs but you will need some and you must know what you are looking for and why you need that software.
Chair Mats for Home Office Carpets
A chair mat on a carpeted floor not only provides protection for your carpet but allows you to move more easily around your home office.
Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories
The Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories are an easy way to get your home office desk organized and stay organized. This sytem can grow with your needs and help keep you organized and working productively.
Improving Posture with a Kneeling Chair
An overview of available kneeling chairs to help improve the ergonomics of your home office.
10 Things to Ask Before Designing a Home Office
If you are planning to create your own home office, there are some important factors that you need to consider before you even begin to design your home office. Learn what these factors are and learn how you can create your ideal home office.
5 Stylish Ways to Banish Ugly Cords
There are so many options for hiding, disguising, or transforming the cords that give power to your work. Good cords should neither be seen nor heard, they should just fuel your devices. Here are some of my favorite ways to transform those pesky necessities.
Want Better Home Office Lighting? Check Out...
Proper lighting is a critical part of any home office.
Creating a Clean Look
Creating a minimalist styled home office can help you become more focused and productive.
Building Your Home Office Chair
Here are the steps to building your home office chair. It doesn't take long to assemble a home office chair but it does require patience.
The Many Uses of Post It Notes-Creative ways to...
I know that there are a ton of apps, computer programs, and electronic substitutes that could technically do the same job as a post-it, but for me, nothing works quite as well as writing something down by hand and really seeing it in front of you – not just on a screen. Read on for a list of the many uses of post-it notes.
Preventing Damage to Your Laptop
Here are 9 common sense tips to practice weekly to ensure that you are using your laptop safely and preventing damage.
Lighting Your Home Office
Learn more about the different types of lighting that you have available for your home office so that you can work better.
Create your own planner
You know what they say, if you want something done…do it yourself! If you’re cost-conscious and as particular as me when it comes to selecting an agenda, I’ve got some great DIY tips for creating your own planner that suits your own tastes perfectly.
10 Things to Know Before Designing a Home Office
A lot goes into successful home office design. These are 10 things to consider before you get started if you're looking to build the ideal workspace.
Height Adjustable Desks
Height Adjustable Desks
Before You Buy: a Home Office Chair
Looking at home office chairs can be overwhelming and you need to know what factors to consider before you purchase your chair for your home office. Learn more about buying a home office chair so that you select the right one for you.
5 Affordable Desks for your Home Office (Under...
Shopping for the perfect desk for your home office can definitely be a challenge. Not only do you have to worry about the size, shape and style of the desk but you also have to factor in budget. It can be quite a challenge to find not only a desk that looks great in your space but one that doesn't cost thousands of dollars too. I've round up a few of my favorites and all within a budget that doesn't break the bank.
Solid Wood
Definition of solid wood. Solid wood can be used to make desks, cabinets and other useful home office furnishings.
How to Make Your Temporary Cubicle Feel Like Home
Are you dreaming of that corner office with those large windows? Do you have the cubicle blues? Just because you are using a temporary cubicle doesn’t mean you can’t make it personal and chic!
Hands-On Home Office: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500...
The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 is an impressive, compact, sheetfed scanner that can turn piles of unruly paper into fully searchable PDFs.
Why Pet Distractions Can be a Good Thing
Sometimes working from home with pets can be a major challenge. They get into stuff, break things, bark and sometimes just drive you crazy. While pets can drive you crazy and distract your workday, it can be a much needed break from your hectic day. Since studies have shown that animals help reduce our stress, I started to notice that having my cat near me while I work has helped.
Getting a Different View on Your Work
Using a recessed monitor desk can help ease neck pain and potentially reduce the risk of strain to your neck and back. Get a new perspective on how this alternative style of desk may help you.
Before You Buy: A Home Office Desk
Let's look at some of the factors you need to consider before you buy a home office desk.
Creative Ways to Display Flowers in the Office
There is no better feeling than receiving a large bouquet of flowers from a loved one. Although I may not always be the biggest fan of flowers, I do love the look of fresh blooms in an office. Displaying an arrangement of flowers at your desk can add a pop of color and dimension to your space.
Corner Desks
A corner desk for your home office can provide you with the best balance of work space and storage. If you don't have a lot of room to work with in your home office, then a corner desk style may be the ideal solution for your home office.
Purchasing a Laptop
If you are looking at purchasing a laptop as either your primary computer or as an additional computer then there are several factors you need to thing about. Learning about the different features each style of laptop offers and what features are necessary for your to work will enable you to make the best decision.
5 Office Hacks That Could Change Your Work Life...
Office Lifehacks: Tips and tricks to hack your way into a better office + work life.
DIY Mason Jar Pencil Holders
One of my favorites probably has to be the pencil holder just because of the millions of possibilities it has. I feel like every chic workspace you see on Instagram has a really fabulous one – it’s totally an essential for your office desk. You can buy one, repurpose another item as one, or my personal favorite option, DIY one. I’m not into the major price tags that some of them carry – after all, it’s just a glorified cup!
Fast and Easy Office Updates
There are a ton of easy ways to change up your office that don't take up much of your precious time, and have still have a big impact on your space.
5 Copper Accessories Every Home Office Needs
Everyone has their favorite color and their favorite pattern. My most current obsession is copper and regardless if you love the color or not, you can make it go with almost anything! The copper trend has been increasingly popular and it's not slowing down any time soon. I know what you're thinking: Copper is so bright.
How to use closet accessories in the office
While I definitely take a look at the office section of any website when I'm in need of something for my workspace, my search doesn't end there.
The Essentials For Your Office Desk
Your desk space is an important area of your office. Try to keep the decorations and the clutter to a minimum. This will increase your productivity tremendously and for more tips on bringing style to your desk, home office or workspace, keep following along here on about.com.
Seven Ways to Make Your Office Prettier
After what seems like the longest summer in recent history, Fall has finally sprung and winter is fast approaching. It’s finally time to pile on a few layers and spruce up your space for the colder months. Here are seven of my favorite ways to make your office prettier this season
Painting tips no one tells you
The transformative power of paint is amazing, and while painting a wall or is pretty intuitive, there are definitely some necessary information that you can only learn with time and experience.
Get Your Smart Phone Working for You
Using your smart phone can help you get things accomplished from a variety of locations. Learn more about smart phone apps that will help you work better in your home office.
Alternative Photo Displays for the Office
There are so many other options to displaying pictures than basic frames on your desk or hung on a wall (much as I love a good gallery wall). In fact, I’ve seen lots of awesome offices that don’t have a frame anywhere in sight! If you’re on the hunt for a way to customize your office while adding some serious style, look no further.
Cute + Trendy Office Supplies and Where to Buy...
When I first started TheOfficeStylist.com back in 2009, the choices for cute and stylish office supplies were VERY limited. It's amazing to me how many new companies, lines and even big box stores now cary cute and colorful desk accessories, supplies and other office furniture. If you're not quite sure where to find stylish supplies, look no further. Here's a list of places that will instantly upgrade your home office and other places around your house as well.
How to style a record player
I love how vinyl records have made a resurgence in the past few years, and I especially appreciate all the modern ways to style something that was once exclusively considered an ancient artifact.
Desks Under \$150 for Your Home Office
Here is a selection of home office desks that are under $150. These home office desks provide functionality and work well in smaller spaces.
Repurposing Chandeliers For Your Office
DIY a vintage chandelier for your home office and get a gorgeous look without a big price tag. Tips and tricks to Repurposing Chandeliers For Your Office.
5 Ways to Glam up your Desk
Here are a few ways at making your desk more GLAM.Too many people leave their desks barren and devoid of fabulousness. Just because you meet deadlines while you’re there doesn’t mean your desk can’t look chic.
Shopping for Office Furniture on the Cheap
For most people just starting out in the working world (or even those who’ve been in it for a few years), buying for the designer furniture you lust over simply isn’t feasible with your budget. However, I don’t think that means you need to sacrifice having a stylish office.
DIY Tips for Craft Novices
You don’t need to be a crafting expert to do most DIY projects, and you certainly don’t need to buy out Michael’s just to spruce up your office. Once you have the essentials, the majority of crafts only need a few extra materials to come to fruition. Here are the few basic items everyone needs in their crafting arsenal.
5 Lighting Fixtures that Will Upgrade Any Space
Lighting is everything in a space. It is not something to be overlooked. No matter how gorgeous your space looks, if the lighting is off, then everything is off. When designing or styling a space, make sure to consider different lighting options that will maximize your space.
Re-purposing Wallpaper in Your Home Office
Wallpaper is an essential component in a renovation or home makeover. Here are some tips and tricks on incorporating it into your office.
5 Fun + Functional "Office Warming" Gifts
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >You're probably
Your Favorite Companion: How To Make Your...
Whether you work at home or have pets at the office, you need to make a few adjustments to make sure both you and your pet are having a good working experience. A comfy pet is a happy pet, which doesn't leave room for accidents and pet related stress.
How to make your home office look bigger
Walking into an office that feels spacious and bright can be a magical experience. The bright light that fills a large open space of an office is a privilege. Sadly, we're not all lucky enough to have a home office with tons of space. When there is little space to work with, styling your space can be a hassle. With that being said, here are a few tips, tricks and handy things to help make your home office look bigger.
Best Spray Paint Crafts
If you're at all familiar with the DIY world, you know all about the transformative power of spray paint.
How to make vintage pieces work in the office
Though you may not realize, vintage items totally have a place in the office as well; it just takes a little bit of creativity.
Creating a Wirelss Home Network
Here are some of the wireless routers available for you to use in your home office.
Wireless Keyboards for Your Home Office
The keyboard that may come with your desktop computer may not always be the best style to suit your work needs and here are a selection of wireless keyboards to help you stay productive and work more ergonomically.
How to Personalize Built Ins
Though they’re not as common in corporate office spaces (but that’s not to say they’re never there), the room you use as your home office could very likely have a built-in. For some, this is even more of a letdown since you usually have a bit more creative freedom in your home than in an externally owned space.
Highlighting your Office Focal Point
Well-designed spaces usually have a definite focal point around which the rest of the room is arranged – it’s basically the center of attention. Here's how to highlight your office focal point, tips and tricks from the office stylist herself.
Small Space Furniture for your Home Office with...
It's important that no matter the size of your house/apartment/studio, that you have a designated workspace. Even if you work a 9-5, you still need an area that stays organized and is designated for work related tasks like paying the bills, managing the house and actual work. Years ago I found out about Heckler Design and have since recommended them to countless people. Their products are the perfect thing when you're low on space and when you need to have your furniture do double duty (multi-purpose).
Best Inkjet Printers for Home Offices
Finding the right inkjet printer for your home office will allow you to be more productive and help keep a better control on expenses. Learn more about some of the best inkjet printers available for home offices.
Home Office File Organization Made Easy
A 2 drawer filing cabinet is an excellent addition to any home office and provides you with a secure method of keeping your work safe and out of harms way.
My Tips On Staying Productive In Your Home Office
However, over the years, I have come up with little tricks that have helped me to stay more focused whenever I work from home. So, the next time you find yourself unable to get any work done in your home office, consider these tips.
How to choose a paint color
One of the easiest ways of transforming a space is repainting the walls, but choosing the perfect color can be really tricky.
Office Organization: Repurpose + Reuse before...
Are you afraid to open one or more of your desk drawers because of the mess that awaits you? We are all guilty of one (or all) of these workspace downers, and though everyone wants to solve the problem, few want to spend an arm and a leg just to make their desk look pretty.
How to Re-Motivate Yourself After a Fun Weekend
I don't know if this ever happens to you but sometimes I come home after an awesome weekend and I'm just not in the mood to work. Whether it's a birthday party or just a sprinkling of a lot of plans all weekend long, I find it really hard sometimes to get back into the groove of things. Come Monday morning, the last thing I want to do sometimes is work. Getting through emails can be a chore and even when I try my hardest, sometimes it just won't work.
Creating a Shared Home Office
Creating a shared home office space involves some thinking outside the box. You want a work space that works for you and will work well for another person. What factors do you need to consider when setting up your home office for more than one user?
Protecting Your Home Office Electronics
Prevent damage and loss of data in your home office by having and using surge protectors. It's an easy way to protect your valuable home office electronics.
Stylish File Solutions for Your Home Office
A sampling of some of the 2 drawer lateral file cabinets available for your home office.
Bar Cart Trend: The Essentials for your Home...
Adding a bar cart in your home office is the perfect solution to incorporate form and function! Bar carts are growing more popular and can make your home office so much more fab! Let's be real, when you have visitors, the first thing that'll catch their eye is that totally glamorous bar cart. They're going to head straight for the pretty glasses, pop open the champagne, and pour themselves a full glass.
5 Habits of the Successful Home Office
Working from a home office is fraught with risk. Here are five tips for improving your home office health and productivity.
Get it together: Clever Products for Staying...
There is nothing worse than that migraine you get from looking at the stack of week old papers sitting on your desk. An organized office space makes all the difference when being productive. Maintaining a tidy and organized space will ensure your well-being in the office.
Creating Your Ideal Home Office
Creating your own home office can be a challenge, but with this selection of books you will have the opportunity to view a wide variety of home offices and maybe even find your ideal home office design.
Powder Coated Steel
The definition of powder coated steel as used in the construction of home office desks and home office chairs.
Wired Home Office Network
Wired routers are another option to consider for your home office network.
Perfect closet offices
If you've got a spare closet (or one that isn't being utilized to its fullest potential), it could make the perfect home to your office-away-from-the-office workspace.
Become More Mobile in Your Home Office
A laptop cart can be very useful as it allows you more freedom in your home office and even within your home. Maybe it's time to sit in a more comfortable chair and be a part of things while you work.
Why Your Home Office Needs a Chalkboard Wall
Have an empty wall you don’t know what to do with? Well, I have the perfect solution. Chalkboard paint! Not only is it super easy to do yourself and budget-friendly, it makes a major impact in a home office.
How to create the perfect mood board
I believe that even the self-described least creative people can incorporate a mood board into their office's design scheme: it's all a matter of figuring out how to pick a style that works best for you.
Old, In with the New: Revamp Your Office Chair
I've learned that making changes to my space is just the thing I need to do when I’m feeling a little unmotivated or uninspired. Change doesn't have to be something major but the little changes, like a DIY office chair project works perfectly every time.
Inspirational Wall Decals for your Home Office
If there is one thing I really love to decorate with, it's wall decals. They're easy to install, easy to remove and you don't have to worry about not getting your deposit about after. I love a gorgeous splash of paint too but the hassle of having to paint things back is sometimes not worth it. Wall decals are also super budget friendly too, so yet another perk. The variety out there is large but instead of cheesy motivational posters in your office, try one of these awesome inspirational wall decals instead.
Drafting Tables for Your Home Office
A drafting table can be a good tool in your home office if you require a large work space but don't have a lot of room in your home office. The adjustability of a drafting table also provides you with uniques ways to be organized.
Texture, oh my! Decorating your office with...
From maple to cherry wood, I love the earthy and rustic vibe that these textures add in a space. Here are tips and tricks on how to use it in your office space.
Decorative Uses for Wrapping Paper
I’ve thought up of a few ways to give your giftwrap a second life. The ultra chic designs can give anyone’s office space a total facelift – plus, it’s way cheaper than buying something premade that’s often not as cute.
Creating a Network for Your Home Office
Creating a network in your home office can make it easier to share files between devices and share peripherals such as printers. Learn more about creating your home office network.
3 Tips to Give Your Home Office some Design Love
I know it can be hard to re-design or to design your workspace. It's probably how you landed on my about.com channel in the first place, you need help. It's okay that you need help and know that you need help, that's the very first step towards home office bliss. You've tried to ignore it for months or possibly years but now you're ready to make a huge difference and I'm here to help. Here are 3 quick tips to get your office into better shape than it was before, with some much needed design love. Design with yourself in mind
Adjustable Keyboard Trays
Creating an ergonomic workstation in your home office is possible with the use of an adjustable keyboard tray. It will provide you with a better and more comfortable way of working and your body will thank you in the long run.
Desk stains got you down? How to cover up those...
We have all experienced that moment of sheer irritation when your hot coffee mug leaves a bad water ring on your office desk. It feels like the universe is punishing you for starting your morning with a hot caramel macchiato at your office desk, instead of drinking it in the kitchen.
How to choose your office art-tips and tricks
What’s a room without a great piece of art? Your office should be no exception. I find it as necessary to the room as a desk is. Seriously! Art is not only a cornerstone of great design, it also adds texture, personality, and sophistication to a room, as well as serves as a great source of visual stimulation and inspiration.
Get Out of Your Chair More Often
A standing desk provides an interesting alternative for a tradition styled desk. You can also use a standing desk in combination with a traditional desk for increasing your movement and to prevent you from sitting for too long in one position.
Don't clean up: How to keep some clutter in the...
If you're like most people, you probably have a corner of your office that contains some degree of clutter.
How to manage a multi-purpose home office space
There is a way to make one space work for multiple purposes without getting confused, having materials get mixed up, or creating a cluttered mess.
Well styled waiting rooms
Before you even make an appearance, your guest has probably formed some sort of opinion based on his or her waiting room experience. Aside from putting in a couch and some old magazines, when’s the last time you decorated your office waiting room? Chances are you haven’t touched it more than once. If that’s the case, it’s probably due for a revamp!
Trends in the Office: What’s Hot,...
Designing your home office with trends from the runway, what NOT to do and what to do. Sometimes a passé trend, like a bad employee, just has to go when it’s not pulling its weight. But don’t worry: I’ve rounded up the five must-know trends for this season
How to Make Your Office More Pinteresting
How to make your office more pinnable-tips and tricks to a drool worthy, social sharing obsessed office space.
Additional Seating for Your Home Office
Having extra seating available for your home office is a nice way to make guests feel more welcome. There are a variety of styles to match your home office decor or match the style of your home office.
Color Me Stylish: How to Use Color In Your Office
Color is everything in a boring space. It can make a cubicle or a small home office feel spacious and one-of-a-kind. The best part about styling any space is mixing and matching different color palettes and playing with those combinations in a space.
A Dash of Marsala-Adding Pantone's color of the...
How to incorporate Pantone's color of the year into your office. This year it's Marsala and adding a touch can create a great look in your office space.
Protecting Your Data
A desktop external hard drive is a very important piece of electronics you need for your home office. Learn about a variety of them and decide which model is best suited for your home office.
Managing Pets in the Home Office
Studies have shown that pets offer proven health benefits, including helping reduce symptoms of stress. Here are some things to consider if you want to open your home office to a pet.
How to Decorate a Super Small Office
Having trouble with a small space? I talk about this almost on a weekly basis over on my blog, okay maybe not weekly but I get this question SO often that it's something you can never get tired of. What do you do with a small office space? Or no office space? Or a space that you have too much stuff but you really need to work?
How to make a small office look big
This is a very common problem in the office, but as the Office Stylist, I have found a few key tricks for making a small office look big. Read on for my favorite tips to combat this popular challenge!
3 Bad Work from Home Habits to Drop for 2016
So it's almost the new year and you've probably got a list of resolutions you're working on. If you're like most people, you have weight loss on your list and it's probably number 1. While I think your health is important, I also think it's important to work on habits that could be affecting all aspects of your life-and not in a good way.
Good habits for a consistently organized office
The key to always having a clean office isn't to clear it periodically; it's to make it so no cleaning needs to happen in the first place. Adapting some simple organization habits is a surefire way to maintain a consistently tidy office.
Home Office Desktop Organizers
A selection of desktop organizers to help you keep your home office desk better organized. We all work much better when we have our supplies and tools kept organized. If you are seeking a better way to organize your home office desk; these may be ideal solutions to tame your desktop clutter.
How to Incorporate Chevron in your Office Space
How to decorate your office with chevron print, tips tricks and how-to advice from The Office Stylist.
What NOT to Wear When you Work from Home
It can be hard to put on real clothes when you work from home. I've been there during the times I worked from home 5 days a week. You don't see humans most of the time and your clients don't see you so why should you care? It's really easy to just roll out of bed in your pajamas and break out your laptop to start your day. Why even bother brushing your hair? Okay, am I describing a hot mess to you? That's exactly what this is haha. And that's exactly what I used to do until I realized it contributes to a list of bad habits I don't care to mention. Before you decide that dressing up at all is something you shouldn't care about when working from home, know that you should care. I'll get into the reasons in another article but today let's go over what you should NOT be wearing when you work from home.
Snacking While Working from Home can be a Good...
You probably read the title of this article and already think I'm crazy. Well, I promise you that I'm not. I snack all day while I work and I lost 43 lbs last year doing this. While it's always good to get the opinion of a personal trainer or doctor before changing your diet, I'll let you in on my personal health secrets here below.
DIY: Cork-Board Creativity for your Home Office
In an office space, your cork-board shouldn’t be boring. In fact, there are a lot of creative and easy ways to transform these boards that will make an impact in your office space. Whether you use the boards as an inspiration board or as a place to keep track of your to-do list, cork-boards are an easy and cost effective way to stay organized in your office.
3 Stylish Desks Under \$500
I've shown you some great desks for under $250 and they're pretty fabulous. But there comes a time when you want to make an upgrade and you're not trapped in the super skim budget area. That time is now and here are a roundup of 5 fabulous desks that are under $500 and can instantly transform your home office. Some are for those who love a modern style and then there is a desk that fits into a more classical style. Whatever your style for your home office, I'm sure one of these three will be a great fit. Besides, they're all only under $500 which is a steal when you look at how much desks can cost.
DIY Office Storage
Having a chic and organized office can come at quite the cost! Fortunately, I've got some great DIY office storage ideas that are equally as fabulous as they are functional.
Luxe Additions for a Glamorous Office Space
I've found that there are a few key elements that when added to an office, elevate the aesthetic to the millionth degree. Here are some easy ideas you can follow that will give your co-workers some serious office envy!
Create your own abstract art
Abstract art is often criticized as being the "I could do that myself" art form. While that's obviously
Create the Perfect Command Center for your Home...
A how-to guide for creating a command center for your home or office.
How to snap out of a bad mood when you’re...
How to snap out of a bad mood when you’re working from home-We all have those days. The days where you wakeup and you just CAN’T haha. Either it’s a snowball of a lot of things happening in life or you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Either way, how do you perk yourself up so that you get work done?
How to decide if a design trend is worth it
I have to have an ever-changing office decor - but that doesn't mean I do an office overhaul once I spot a new trend I like. Following some guidelines can ensure you have a trendy office without that looming guilty feeling that comes later.
How to Split Up an Open Office
Why a co-working space is perfect for those who are sick of working from home full time.
Creating Organization in Your Home Office
Discipline is key to getting and keeping your home office organized. Take time to review how well your home office is organized and what you can do to make it a more efficient work place.
Best Tools for Working at Home
Having the right tools can make your job much easier and knowing which tools you need will help you accomplish this.
Steampunk - Old is New Again
Steampunk is growing as a design style and it's an interesting way to decorate your home office.
A Better View of Your Work
There are times when working in your home office that you will require task specific lighting so that you can work better and keep your eyes healthier.
How to Pull off the Monochrome Trend in your...
The monochrome trend is a new favorite of mine. I've always loved the simple black and white look but now that it's on trend, it's so much easier to find things to pull this look off. It's not for everyone, some people needs some color in their space but if this is your vibe, here are some tips to pull this off in your home office.
Engineered Wood
Learn what engineered wood and how it is made.
How to Clean out your Office without Going Crazy
You should never go into any task without having at least a semi-specific goal. “Clean out your office” can mean five different things to five different people. Do you want to sort through the files that have been sitting in your drawer for the past two years?

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