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Filing and Organization

Manage your home office better. Learn about innovative solutions, effective techniques and space-saving alternatives that can help you best organize and manage information and documents in your home office.

Getting Your Home Office Organized
Factors to consider when going to purchase a file cabinet for your home office.

Starting the New Year Right
Preparing and planning for the New Year includes looking back at the past year to see where changes could be made and how to improve productivity while still maintaining work/life balance.

Organizing Cables in Your Home Office
Keeping all the cables and cords in your home offie organized is a wise safety measure and a great way to keep your home office tidy and organized.

Get a Handle on Organization with a Labeler
Getting your home office organized and keeping it that way can be much easier when you have a labeler. You can use it to create a wide variety of labels to keep files and even your cables organized. Printed labels are much easier to read than handwritten labels and are more durable.

It's Time to Go Up the Wall
If you have limited space in your home office for organizers on the floor and the real estate of your work surface is limited as well; consider using your wall space to create more room for organization and storage.

Creating Organization in Your Home Office
Discipline is key to getting and keeping your home office organized. Take time to review how well your home office is organized and what you can do to make it a more efficient work place.

Home Office File Organization Made Easy
2 Drawer Vertical File Cabinets

Bookcases for Your Your Home Office
Bookcases for storage and organization for your home office. Bookcases can be used not only for storing books but also other office necessities.

4 Drawer Vertical File Cabinets
4 Drawer Vertical File Cabinets

4 drawer lateral file cabinets
4 drawer lateral file cabinets

Ways to Organize Your Home Office
Review the factors you need to consider when creating an action plan to organize your home office. Learn what needs to be organized and how you can create organization from the chaos.

2 drawer lateral file cabinets
2 drawer lateral file cabinets

Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories
The Martha Stewart Stack+Fit™ Desk Accessories are an easy way to get your home office desk organized and stay organized. This sytem can grow with your needs and help keep you organized and working productively.

Home Office Desktop Organizers
A selection of desktop organizers to help you keep your home office desk better organized. We all work much better when we have our supplies and tools kept organized. If you are seeking a better way to organize your home office desk; these may be ideal solutions to tame your desktop clutter.

Monitor Risers for Your Desktop
A variety of desktop monitor risers to help you view your monitor in a healthier way and keep your work space better organized.

How to Organize Everything in Your Home, Office and Life
Elizabeth Larkin, our About.com Guide to Personal Organizing provides excellent tips for getting organized and keeping organized.

A room-by-room guide to home storage
From Elizabeth Larkin, our About.com Guide to Personal Organizing these tips can help you get yourself more organized in your home office and elsewhere in your home as well. Having an organized home office is important to staying productive but it's also important for the rest of our house to be organized as well.

5 Cable Management Secrets
Disorganized piles of power, data and phones cables can becomes a visual blight in your home office. Here are five simple tips for getting your cables under control.

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