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Selecting a Home Office Chair Style

Find a style that works for you


Your home office is almost complete and you have the ideal desk, complete storage solutions that will provide you a means to protect your work and supplies and your lighting provides task and overall functionality.

The last item on your checklist is your home office chair. Purchasing a home office chair is a not a decision to rush into nor should you be swayed by the lowest price. Plan to spend a few days looking at home office chairs and trying them. Talk with friends and co-workers to learn what they like most and like least about their own office chairs. Make a list and identify what are deal breakers and what issues may not matter to you.

The type of work you do is one of the most important factors to keep in mind. If you need to be sitting for long periods of time you want a chair that has a comfortable seat and is adjustable. Is your desk a standard style desk or do you work at a drafting table? The second most important factor is budget - remember though that your home office chair is an investment not only in style but your comfort.

Take your time when looking at chairs and whenever possible bring the chair to a desk so you can see exactly how you can adjust the chair to work at a desk properly. Take a look at how you are sitting in the chair. My weakness when sitting is to bring my legs up and cross them or sit with a leg tucked under me. Not a smart way to sit at all! I needed to make sure that the chair I found would force me to sit properly - feet on the floor and knees at a 90 degree angle.

Let's look at the different styles of chairs and some of their features that will help you find your perfect home office chair.

Steno Chair

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The most basic style of office chair; these are often referred to as student chairs and many do not have arms and have only a basic gas lift mechanism. This style of chair is meant for occasional use and would not be my recommendation for sitting in for long periods of time. Using this type of chair for long periods may cause problems with your back.

Task Chair

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In this category you have a wider range of office chairs to choose from. Look closely at those that offer adjustable height arms as a minimum adjustment option. Task chairs can have just a basic gas lift mechanism and then others will have full adjustability which includes the seat tilt and back tilt. The best also offer height adjustment for the back. Task chairs can be finished with fabric, faux leather, mesh and leather or a combination of the materials.

Manager/Executive Chairs

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This category is ordinarily the most expensive style of chair but isn’t always the most functional chair for a home office. They do look good and give a strong sense of style but function is much more important. The most basic manager/executive office chairs have a gas lift and may also have the ability to allow you to recline freely. More functional models will also have height adjustable arms, seat tilt and back adjustments. These are most often made from leather and sometimes fabric.

Specialty Chairs

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This last category includes drafting chairs, stools and kneeler style chairs. Drafting chairs should allow you to adjust the arm height and back height. Stools generally only have a gas lift mechanism but may include a small back for support.
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